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NBA legend Phil Jackson gives unsolicited and unpaid endorsement to Life Shotz

November 9, 2010

Phil Jackson, the most successful coach in NBA history, has just endorsed Life Shotz, a premier and newly launched nutritional drink.

Although endorsements and testimonials are not unique to the supplement and nutrition industry, it's exceedingly rare that the big names of the sporting world give any endorsement for free—which is exactly what Jackson has done.

"It's unheard of," Richard Brooke said. Brooke is the CEO of Life Shotz, the company that produces Life Shotz. "We know we have a great product with Life Shotz. Our customers love it, and our repeat sales have blown past all industry standards. There's really nothing like it. But to have someone of Phil Jackson's character send us an unsolicited endorsement? That's just amazing."

For in-the-field Life Shotz Brand Reps, the endorsement will have a big impact on sales.

"All the research points to the positive effect endorsements have on sales," Brooke said. "Getting a testimonial of this caliber and getting it free and without solicitation is really going to appeal to our customers and make sales easier."

As a coach, Jackson has earned the nickname "Zen Master" for his dedicated, patient and effective play. It's exactly the type of image that will reinforce the image of Life Shotz as a carefully formulated, purpose-driven nutritional product, say company leaders.

Jackson has never endorsed products like many of his peers. Stars like Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning and even former Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski have all endorsed products on a regular basis, but Jackson has stayed out of the fray despite repeated requests and intense pressure from companies.

"We hadn't even officially launched Life Shotz yet when we got the news," Brooke said. "And then we found out that he's been using and loving Life Shotz for the past six months. I think it's a testament to the years of development and testing that went into this product. It really does everything we say it can do."

Jackson, who currently coaches the Los Angeles Lakers and is beginning his quest for a record twelfth championship, was introduced to Life Shotz through his doctor.

"We get a number of energy drinks provided by sponsors in this business," Jackson said. "I chose Life Shotz because my doctor recommended it for my health. There are so many unknown additives to many of these drinks that after reading the ingredients I'm still wondering what's in it? Not so with Life Shotz."

Because of its ability to support energy levels, boost mood, support the immune system, and fight the effects of aging, pre-launch versions of the product were highly popular with doctors, nutritionists, athletes and fitness experts.

The use of elite natural ingredients without preservatives, added sugar or artificial flavors and dyes appealed to athletes and professionals concerned about diet and nutrition. Endorsements quickly came flooding in from Ironman competitors, high school coaches, and health care professionals.

Jackson is just the latest and biggest sports figure to support the drink.

"In this business we are on the move for seven to eight months. We arrive at 3 a.m. many nights, and the basketball staff is back on the move by 8 a.m. I've used Life Shotz for the past six months and found that drinking coffee becomes unproductive as it depletes my adrenals. I found Life Shotz a comfortable, reliable boost for mental and physical energy while reducing the effects of stress."

Another of the key features of Life Shotz that sets it apart from competitors is its environmental focus. In addition to eliminating all plastic packaging, Life Shotz reduces carbon footprints by shipping Life Shotz as a powder. It prints its materials using earth-friendly inks, dyes and paper.

"In this weird world of plastic bottled water, I like the fact that it comes in a powder and I can choose to use a reusable bottle and limit the amount of plastic I use."

In the end, Jackson endorsed Life Shotz because it worked.

"Life Shotz has the juice to fire you up and ingredients to keep you on cue without derailing your system."


Life Shotz is a privately owned company headquartered in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, with a network of independent distributors achieving financial independence throughout North America.

Life Shotz is a new relationship marketing company that features Life Shotz, a nutritional drink that helps increase energy, boost mood, sharpen mental clarity, and promote anti-aging with powerful blends of vitamins and super fruits. Life Shotz is backed by Oxyfresh, a 26-year veteran of the Network Marketing industry, and shares a corporate office in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

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