Time to Ready Reset Go

Running Time: 3:36

We get it. Life can be hectic, and we find ourselves overwhelmed and not feeling our best. What if it was possible to hit the reset button and get your happy back? Check out this short video … it’s worth it because YOU matter.

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Our Vision

Running Time: 2:30

Do you need a culture that promotes transparency, listening and honoring others? Do you want elite products made with the highest integrity that will actually enhance your reputation? Then you’ve found the right place. We do Network Marketing differently. It’s what separates us from any other company you’ve considered.

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Our Products: With CVO Richard Brooke

Running Time: 2:56

No secret potions, no rare berries from the rainforest, no hype. Just proven, clean and healthy products that will actually make a difference in the way you feel and live life.

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Running Time: 2:22

Be ready to rock those 2 days of good vibes! Watch this super quick video of owner Kimmy Brooke as she walks you through how to use each amazing product. It’s easy peasy!

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Running Time: 3:42

Curious about what it takes to hit reset … and feel fantastic? Check out this quick video of owner Kimmy Brooke as she walks you through how to use your 10 Day Kit! (Spoiler Alert: You’ll be surprised how easy it really is!)

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Love Your VIBE

Running Time: 1:49

Want to love your VIBE? Learn how to make your taste buds smile by watching this video, featuring Austin, our in house mixologist.

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Our Story: Richard and Kimmy

Running Time: 5:39

Great leadership is the foundation for a great company. Find out why we are who we are by getting to know our incredible owners. Hear their story and prepare to be inspired.

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Running Time: 2:32

Do you know why Network Marketing is a brilliant business model and a smart choice for building wealth? Learn the facts straight from our CVO Richard Brooke, who’s been an industry success since before we had the world wide web.

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For Raving Fans

Running Time: 19:53

You love what our products do for your Happy and people are starting to notice. Find out how you can share your love of Life Matters products with others to earn your products for free and other perks. Take just a few minutes to check it out...

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Product EDU: With Tom Lunneborg

Running Time: 34:33

Looking to learn even more about the Life Matters product family? This deep dive with Tom, VP of Product Development, will allow you to geek out over why we developed each product and why each product works!

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Because Life Matters

Running Time: 2:25

What do you want to do? Do you want to own a home in Hawaii, travel the world, go sailing, complete your first Ironman, or feel like you’re on vacation every day? You only have one life, and that life really matters.

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Up Your Game

Running Time: 4:14

Are you an athlete that is in motion almost every day? Life Matters product can help take your athletic performance to another level. Want to give it a try, start with the 10 Day Life Matters Reset Program.

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Up Your Tennis Game

Running Time: 2:41

Are you a tennis player? Learn how Life Matters 10 Day Reset Program can take your game to the next level.

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Why Mind?: With Dr. Todd Schlapfer

Running Time: 5:48

Learn why brainiacs across the globe can’t live without this potent nootropic, aka "the ultimate brain food!"

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Why Motion?: With Dr. Todd Schlapfer

Running Time: 4:15

Why Motion? Give us 4 minutes of your time and you’ll get the full scoop straight from Dr. Todd! Warning: content video may just change your life.

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