Our Vision

Running Time: 2:30

Do you need a culture that promotes transparency, listening and honoring others? Do you want elite products made with the highest integrity that will actually enhance your reputation? Then you’ve found the right place. We do Network Marketing differently. It’s what separates us from any other company you’ve considered.

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Our Products: With CVO Richard Brooke

Running Time: 2:56

No secret potions, no rare berries from the rainforest, no hype. Just proven, clean and healthy products that will actually make a difference in the way you feel and live life.

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Our Story: Richard and Kimmy

Running Time: 5:39

Great leadership is the foundation for a great company. Find out why we are who we are by getting to know our incredible owners. Hear their story and prepare yourself to be inspired.

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Why Network Marketing

Running Time: 2:32

Do you know why Network Marketing is a brilliant business model and a smart choice for building wealth? Learn the facts straight from our CVO Richard Brooke, who’s been an industry success since before we had the world wide web.

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Life Matters Video Presentation

Running Time: 20:20

What if we showed you that you could change the direction of your life in less than 21 minutes? What do you have to lose … 21 minutes of Facebook? YouTube cat videos? We dare you to watch and see what's possible … just press play.

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Launching with a Business in a Box

Running Time: 4:07

If you’re serious about your Life Matters business, the Business in a Box provides the ULTIMATE TOOLS for your success. Be ready to create massive action right away with prospects using our professional 5-Day Intro Packs and The Four Year Career®.

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Because Life Matters

Running Time: 2:25

What do you want to do? Do you want to own a home in Hawaii, travel the world, go sailing, complete your first Ironman, or feel like you’re on vacation every day? You only have one life, and that life really matters.

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How To Use Life Matters Products

Running Time: 3:08

The greatest thing about Life Matters products besides the fact that they are packed with nutrients and make you feel awesome, is that they’re super easy to use every single day. Check out this video to see just how easy it is.

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Truth About Sugar

Running Time: 8:09

Ever find yourself prospecting and you are asked about sugar? Sugar in VIBE? Now all you need to do is share this 9 minute presentation with your prospect to explain ALL things sugar. Our in house Dietitian, Courtney Schwagler, answers healthy implications of too much sugar, how much sugar is ok, what does the government say about sugar, and why is sugar in VIBE? This tool will educate your prospect and teach you how to confidently speak about the sweet topic, sugar!

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Life Shotz Overview

Running Time: 1:11

Why is Life Shotz a dream come true for those who want to be on their A-game every day? Hear the story behind this potent product from its creator, Richard Bliss Brooke. Watch and we think you’ll agree … we nailed it!

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LSVIBE Overview

Running Time: 0:45

Shake off everything you thought you knew about protein shakes! Watch this quick vid to get the scoop on LSVIBE. Inside 200 calories of pure awesome is a complete meal replacement that is destined to change your life!

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Mind Overview

Running Time: 0:52

What exactly is Mind and why is this powerful brain food a SMART CHOICE to add to your daily nutrition? You gotta watch and see for yourself!

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Motion Overview

Running Time: 0:41

Healthy joints are the secret to playing full out … no matter what your age! Watch this video and see why life is more fun with Motion. Oh, and did we mention? This elite formula is backed by 4 Harvard studies!

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Why Mind?: With Dr. Todd Schlapfer

Running Time: 5:48

Learn why brainiacs across the globe can’t live without this potent nootropic, aka "the ultimate brain food!"

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Why Motion?: With Dr. Todd Schlapfer

Running Time: 4:15

Why Motion? Give us 4 minutes of your time and you’ll get the full scoop straight from Dr. Todd! Warning: content video may just change your life.

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Running Time: 3:40

We get it. We’ve all been there. And we are different. We offer the ultimate road map that shows you exactly how to shift your habits, shift your lifestyle, and shift your body. There are no gimmicks, no guessing games. Just watch this short video ... trust us, your future self will thank you.

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Tribe Retreat 2015

Running Time: 3:51

Curious about the experience of our Tribe Retreat 2015 winners? They got 3 days to play (and relax!) in stunning Coeur d'Alene, Idaho … all before the big Ignition event. Check it out

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