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Tom Lunneborg reveals the science behind Life Shotz to illustrate how this powerful nutritional drink works for everyone.

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UFC Champion Ken Shamrock gives unpaid, unsolicited
Life Shotz Endorsement

September 9, 2011

Ken Shamrock has endorsed Life Shotz, an all-natural nutrition drink and supplement created by network marketing company Life Shotz. Shamrock is most famous for being a four-time UFC Champion and a member of the UFC Hall of Fame.

Celebrity endorsements are common in the supplement and nutrition industry, but it's exceptionally rare for an athlete with Shamrock's level of success and visibility to offer an endorsement for free—which is exactly what Shamrock has done.

“Ken is truly a legend in mixed martial arts,” said Tom Lunneborg, the Life Shotz Vice President of Product Development, who has worked closely with wrestling and mixed martial arts (MMA) groups. “He is the ultimate iron man. MMA is the toughest sport in the world, and Ken was a four-time champion. I couldn't have been more impressed when he said he loved the product.”

The unpaid, unsolicited endorsement continues a run of success for Life Shotz. The product has already received an unpaid and unsolicited endorsement from legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson, and 21TEN's in-the-field Distributors continue to experience positive sales effects from this and other free endorsements.

“When you combine high-caliber, free endorsements with the life-changing effects Life Shotz has been able to deliver to customers, our independent Distributors really start to see it in sales,” said Chief Visionary Officer Richard Brooke. “Our repeat sales are phenomenal by any standard.”

Shamrock is one of the world's most well known MMA fighters. He also founded the Lion's Den, one of the most influential MMA training organizations in the world.

Shamrock gave his unpaid, unsolicited endorsement after he discovered Life Shotz at one of the country's premier amateur wrestling camps.

“I watched all these kids rolling around, all the energy they had, and man, I was thinking to myself, ‘I wish I had that type of energy,’” Shamrock said.

He started taking the product and began to experience the effects after several days of continued use.

“After about a week, it's one of those subtle things, when you don't realize the things you're getting done in one day,” Shamrock said. “You just start going through it, and all of sudden you have all this energy. I had more alertness, more energy, more desire to come in and train.”

With a blend of premium vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Life Shotz helps people rebalance their metabolism to improve stamina, mental focus and recovery after work outs. This rebalancing often takes several days as the body adjusts to a diet that now contains adequate levels of critical nutrients.

After just several days of use, many Life Shotz users experience sustained and consistent energy increases without the crashes caused by sugar-rich or caffeine-laden products. Life Shotz contains no caffeine, no added sugar and no artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives.

“After I started drinking Life Shotz, my energy went up. It's real. It works. You gotta try it. Once you try it, you'll never put it down.”

Life Shotz has also become popular among professional and amateur athletes because it is NSF certified and BSCG certified. These third-party, independently verified certifications provide athletes with a guaranty of purity and quality.


Life Shotz is a new relationship marketing company that features Life Shotz, a nutritional drink that helps increase energy, boost mood, sharpen mental clarity, and promote anti-aging with powerful blends of vitamins and antioxidants. Life Shotz is backed by Oxyfresh, a 26-year veteran of the network marketing industry, and shares a corporate office in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Visit for more information about Life Shotz network of independent distributors who are achieving financial independence throughout North America.

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